Australia’s Red Centre through new lens

reb centre

Visitors to Australia's Red Centre will often only hear a secularist explanation for the spectacular, red landscape. Now they can also consider a Biblical perspective.

The Centre is popular with tourists the world over, eager to experience the fascinating desert environment: rocky outcrops, gorges, unusual plateaus and valleys.

Creation Ministries International recently released four, short videos that showcase the beautiful scenery and reveal their origin as explained by the eyewitness historical record of the Bible.

CMI geologist Tas Walker said, "The clips show how the spectacular scenery was formed during the recent global catastrophe of Noah's Flood. The evidence in the Centre is dramatic and powerful. Professional geologists are documenting the evidence for catastrophe right through the centre of Australia."

He went on, "Most people are surprised when they first have this evidence pointed out. Surprise turns to amazement when they see the same features in front of their eyes wherever they travel. The evidence is so obvious that they are astounded that they did not see it before."

Although the clips are short, detailed back-up information with pictures and diagrams is available at

People learning about or planning to visit the Centre will get so much more from their visit by checking out the material.

Presenter Dr Mark Harwood said, "Understanding Noah's Flood changes how you look at the world, and how you see your place in it. Check it out at"