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Screentime parent control app

child using tablet

During the holidays many parents may be worried that their children are spending all their time on their phones and tablets - playing games, social networking and watching Youtube clips. If this is a concern, and you wish you had some more control over what the kids had access to or for how long, then the Screentime app from Screen Time Labs is right for you.

Password protected, Screentime allows the parent to set a limit to the amount of screen time available on each child's device and allows them to see how that time has been used, including a web and search history.

Parents can block certain apps permanently and set a bedtime after which all apps shut down. No more Minecraft in bed or overtired kids in the morning.

Want the children to be able to read but not watch Youtube in the hour before bed? No problem. Screentime allows some apps but not others to be open between bed time and lights out.

Want to see if your teenager really is doing his homework rather than looking at Facebook? Screentime allows you to check on your phone what a device is being used for.

And if dinner is ready or a chore needs to be done, you can remotely interrupt a child's programme and send them a message like "Take out the trash!"

You also have the facility to reward your children with extra screen time for doing tasks and chores, and are alerted when new apps are downloaded or when a device's time limit is reached.

Screentime is controlled from the home computer or via mobile devices, and settings can also be changed directly on the children's devices by entering a password.

Try out Screentime on a two-week free trial (one device per child), or for $3.99/month for unlimited devices.

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