I know who I am

Free of suicidal thoughts, Lisa says that no life is unchangeable

Lisa Luce
Lisa Luce believes the end of her suicidal thoughts and internal pain was a miracle.

Many who knew Lisa Luce thought she was perfectly happy but secretly she felt worthless and wanted to end her life. That was until a young former addict showed her the way out.

"At age 15, in 2012, I was faced with a million questions about my identity," Lisa shares.

"I had everything that a girl would want in encouraging and loving family and friends, but I did not know what my purpose in life was."

Other questions she felt unable to answer were "Who am I? Is there really a God? Was there a purpose to going to church?"

After trying to find answers and challenging God to prove His existence, Lisa recalls that her efforts to forget about God and her questions led to serious mental health problems.

"As I did not know how to deal with these burning questions, my mind became filled with a constant flow of negativity.

"I began self-harming to express my confusion. My appetite decreased as I assured myself I was fat, despite weighing less than 50 kilograms."

In her determination to keep her battle secret, she spent many nights crying in her bedroom alone and then experienced panic attacks.

She was finally referred for counselling in 2013, but sadly remembers that "none of the many counsellors I saw seemed to be able to 'fix' me."

A year later she attempted suicide and was hospitalised.

"I felt worthless, and was angry and confused as to why God was making me feel this way. I later realised that I never once asked God to heal me from my pain."

“I am now motivated ... to raise awareness of mental health issues”Following that hospital visit in June 2014, Lisa says, "My Mum and Dad, who are Christians, asked countless people to pray for me.

"Weeks later, a guest speaker shared her inspiring testimony at a Christian youth group. Her story of how God saved her from drugs and prostitution spoke directly to my heart."

That weekend Lisa says she surrendered control of her life to Jesus Christ, and she believes that what happened next was a miracle of God.

"For 18 months professional experts had been unable to 'heal' me," Lisa explains, "yet in the space of 48 hours a single testimony of Jesus' power changed my life and ended my suicidal thoughts and internal pain."

During her struggles Lisa recalls that she asked God to give her life the purpose of telling people about Jesus. This has now become her life's mission.

"I am so thankful that God did not allow me to go through with my suicidal plans, because I am now motivated to help others overcome their own difficulties, and to raise awareness of mental health issues."

She was baptised in water in September 2014, which she explains was to "publically acknowledge my love of Jesus Christ and all that He has done for us."

As she now compiles her autobiography, Lisa says, "Hopefully it will inspire others and they will understand that no issue is too big or small for God.

"I pray that everyone reading this will know that your true identity is found in Jesus Christ. God saved me, and He can save you too."

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