Road map

Remember that night you thought you knew the way, but became lost. Your mobile phone was at home. Oh for the old fashioned map that in former years was always in the vehicle!

In the frustration and confusion of going round in circles, you longed for that map to solve the problem. Sitting alone in the dark you wondered which way to turn.

The right direction

To safely negotiate the highway of life we need the Bible as our road map. God's Word steers us in the right direction, lights up the route ahead, enables us to safely reach our destination, and warns of danger along the way.

It is a foolhardy motorist who sets off on a trip to new territory without a map, and just as foolhardy for us to journey though life without a guide.

King David prayed, "Show me the way I should go ... lead me on level ground" (Psalm 143:8,10).

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