with Karl Faase

Who is this guy?

Christ in the storm
Detail of Ludolf Bakhuizen’s 1695 painting “Christ in the storm”

Have you ever thought you knew someone really well, then an unusual event makes you wonder?

Jesus had 12 close friends who thought they knew him well. One day on boat trip, a storm blew up and they thought they were going to drown. Jesus was asleep – which seems odd in a storm. They panic, wake Jesus up, and amazingly Jesus calms the storm. His shocked friends asked themselves, 'Who is this man?!'

You may think you know Jesus. You've heard some stories, read a book or two, seen a movie and think you have Him worked out. Yet can I challenge you that there is so much more to know.

Look into Jesus, find out more about His life and His claims. You may end up just like His friends and say "Who is this guy?" It could be the start of a wonderful road of discovery.

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