Live a different way

Ramaite Mokefe
Ramaite Mokefe

Ramaite Abram Mokete enjoyed an easy life as a child but he ignored his parents' good example, a decision that ultimately lead to a seven year jail sentence.

"I would think about God a lot because I always saw my parents going to church every Sunday," Ramaite begins.

"One of my family members told me about Jesus Christ and that He is God."

Yet he did not pay much attention to what they said because he wanted to live life his own way.

"I developed a problem with alcohol and when I was drunk I did a lot of bad things," he confesses.

The influence of alcohol and his desire for money lead to the theft of a lorry, being arrested and his seven year sentence.

As he sat in jail Ramaite realized that he could no longer ignore what God wanted him to do.

"I prayed to God," he shares, "That He would forgive me and do wonderful things in my life."

One of Ramaite's favorite verses is from John 14 verse 6, where Jesus says: "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father (God) except through me."

This verse encouraged him to see that the road to heaven is only through Jesus and living his own way would only bring bad consequences.

"I love Jesus with all of my heart," Ramaite says after committing his life to following Jesus and understanding that Jesus died so he could find forgiveness and eternal life.

"God helped me by giving me another chance in life. God forgave my past and He can forgive yours," he concludes.

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