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Despite his suffering in prison, Duncan Abuga is glad that God has not forsaken him.

"Life in prison is very humiliating and can reduce a person to nothing," Duncan begins.

"But I remember having a dream when God spoke to me and said, 'You do not know where the wind blows or how a baby grows in the womb, in the same way you do not know what I will do in your life."

The day Duncan was arrested was the day he decided to no longer go his own way but chose to follow God. Despite his circumstances, he says he found comfort in reading the Bible.

"I was once on the wide road to misery and hell," Duncan says.

"Now I am the narrow road to the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus says in the book of Revelation, 'I am the Living One! I was dead but now I am alive forever and ever. I have authority over death and the world'."

Duncan decided to ask Jesus for His forgiveness and gain everlasting life through Him.

"When I came to Jesus Christ and cast myself upon His mercy I was reminded that He says, 'My child, no matter what you have done in the past, no matter how sinful you have been, I will forgive you and allow you to begin again'," he says.

"When I have problems I just remember that the Bible's promises will come to pass and I need to hang in there as a new day is dawning."

This includes the promise that for all those who surrender their lives to Jesus, God will forgive them for their wrongdoing and they will one day, go to be with Him in heaven.

Bible passages like Psalm chapter 23 also encourage Duncan to see that God will help him through the valley of the shadow of death and comfort and protect him in dark times.

"At the cross there is mercy and forgiveness. At the cross our hearts are changed. God says, 'If you love me you will obey my commands' ... it makes me try to be completely holy and pure in the way I live now," he says.

Duncan explains why he follows Jesus by quoting from Matthew chapter 7, verses 13 to 14.

In this passage Jesus says, "Go in through the narrow door. The door is wide and the road is easy that leads to hell. Many people are going through that door. But the door is narrow and the road is hard that leads to life that lasts forever. Few people are finding it."

Duncan is now a song leader in the prison church and he wants to serve God forever.

"I was dead in my sins but now I am alive forever with Christ," he concludes.

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