‘I saw the change in my life’

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Distracted by the idea of just living life, Mashapa Katlego Manrow ignored the loving advice from his grandmother and got caught in a lot of trouble.

"My grandmother was a Christian and I attended church with her but after she passed away I started to commit crime," he says.

"When I was at home I did not really know God," he says. "It was only after I was imprisoned and forced to go to church by the officials that God was able to change my life."

Mashapa went reluctantly to the prison church services that were held but there was something the pastor said that got his attention.

He realized that although he had known about God in the past, he did not have a personal relationship with Him and had not asked for forgiveness for his rebellion and wrong deeds.

When he began to understand that God still loved him enough to send his son Jesus to die on a cross and take the punishment he deserved, Mashapa began to take notice.

"Later my friend took me to church with him and one of the inmates was testifying about what God had done in his life and it touched my heart," he says.

He knew he needed to pray to accept Jesus into his life and asked God to change his heart as well.

"He took the wrong things I have done and made me a new person," he says.

"I know God changed my life because I really used to hate people but now I love each and every person because Jesus loved me.

"We are all his children and I have learnt that if I hate my brother it is like I am a murderer in my heart."

"When I was outside I took the word of God for granted but when I came to prison it was there that I was blessed," he says.

"I am now a born-again Christian and that is the biggest thing in my life."

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