Second only to ‘The King’

Benjamin Watson
Benjamin Watson of the Baltimore Ravens.
(Photo Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

The hash-tag started in 2013, but the Black Lives Matter movement received a new kick of relevance with the shooting of black men Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by white police officers on July 5, and the Dallas sniper execution of five police officers two days later.

Black lives matter

NFL Player Benjamin Watson recently spoke up about the issue in a Facebook post, in which he explained he wants to raise his children to have an identity rooted in something that goes beyond their skin color and its supposed disadvantages.

"I will tell [my children] that their color will not define them. I will instill in them a spiritual identity that supersedes anything this world can give," he wrote.

"I will not ignore the importance of heritage and ethnic identity in their present success and self concept, but I will simultaneously teach them that their true identity is in Christ, and that that identity supersedes anything this world can offer.

"Only in Christ do the temporal distinctions between us fade, as our oneness in Him takes precedence over our color, creed and culture; and our allegiance to Him compels us to make those who matter to Him [i.e. all human life] matter most to us."

Black American Tony Evans similarly addresses issues of racial segregation in a video testimony, and explains how he redefined his value and his status in a culture that had deemed him inferior, or "second."

"I was raised in urban Baltimore," he tells I Am Second. "It was during a time of segregation and racial strife, and I was reminded in many ways that I was a second-class citizen.

"It was frustrating, it was painful, and it was hurtful. There were places I couldn't go, people I couldn't be with, simply because of the color of my skin.

"In fact, I was even told that I could only expect to go so far in my life because that was the nature of my created being.

"I had to [ask myself], did I have to accept this second-class rendering that I was hearing in so many different directions about who I was and why I was?

"When I looked very closely into the Bible, and at Jesus, I discovered something else. I discovered that when He is first, He places me in a second position that is above the class that I was given by other men.

"I discovered His love for me, and His repositioning me as a Prince of the living God with Royal blood flowing through my veins.

"All of a sudden what men thought and how men felt about me became irrelevant, because now I was seated with Him in a very high place.

"He gave me recognition, significance, and value, and now I could be fully proud of His creation in me, and not allow others to denigrate me by how they define me or even to make me think more highly of myself than I ought to think, because I had a new point of reference.

"I'm proud today to say, I am second, because I've discovered what it means when Jesus is first."

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