Abortion not the answer

Joy Thindwa
Joy Thindwa

Pregnant at the age of 18, Joy Thindwa was advised to get an abortion but God had other plans.

"Things were hard at this point in my life because I was still at school when I became pregnant and my boyfriend did not want me to keep the baby," Joy says.

Although Joy had attended church growing up, she had chosen to go her own way and knew she had to live with the consequences of disobeying God by sleeping with a man she was not married to.

"The pastor at my family's church explained to me who Jesus was when I was around 15 years old but I did not make Him my Lord and Saviour at that time," she admits.

"Instead I chose to continue in the life I was living."

Then at age 18 Joy found herself sitting at the doctor's office ready to abort the baby inside her, thinking that she would not be able to provide for her child.

"I began to feel very guilty as the doctor explained that once the procedure was done there would be no going back, I would never get to see my baby again," Joy recalls.

"I could tell that he was very concerned and he did not want me to go through with the abortion."

It dawned on Joy then that she had been wrong to sleep with her boyfriend and that it would be even more wrong to kill the child in her womb.

"I knew that I needed to pray for God's forgiveness and live according to the Bible's truth instead of living my own way," Joy says.

It was then that she finally surrendered control of her life to God and to rely on Him for help.

"I kept the baby and a healthy boy was born," Joy says with a smile.

"God has provided so faithfully for both of us since then and I am thankful that He has even helped me pay for school fees. My boy is so intelligent and he wants to become a doctor one day. God is good and I am so glad that I trusted in Him!"

Joy says sometimes she fails to live as God wants her to but she is grateful that God is forgiving and helps guide her to make better choices when she trusts in Him.

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