Old gone, the new is here

Petrus Kheswa Tseko
Petrus Kheswa Tseko has joy despite his prison sentence

The choices Petrus Kheswa Tseko made landed him in prison but he is glad because it revealed something to him more precious than life itself.

"My life was very hard because I was always doing things my own way. I didn't want anyone to tell me what to do," Petrus begins.

"I thought I was clever, someone who knew everything. I robbed people and did not think I was hurting my family and friends."

At this time Petrus says he did not believe in God and did not know anything about who He was, as he was too busy living selfishly to consider Him anyway.

"I had many questions about spiritual things but thought there were no answers to find," he explains.

His lifestyle lead him into sexual immorality, alcohol and drug addictions and stealing, things that seemed good to him at the time but were doing more damage than he thought.

"I was convicted for robbery and other crimes and I did not think God was there with me at the time," Petrus confesses.

Yet something prompted him to pick up a Bible in prison and start reading it.

"I found verses in it that showed me that God loved me and can forgive me for the wrong things I have done," he says.

"One verse stood out to me from 2 Corinthians chapter 5 verse 17. I read that when you're in Jesus and you accept the salvation He offers you; you become a new creation, the old (self) has gone, the new person has come!'

"It was this specific Bible verse that spoke to me and showed me that I can be saved by the Lord Jesus Christ. I read that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and rose again so this could be possible. Then I accepted Jesus and His salvation and was born again (spiritually) as a child of God," Petrus says joyfully.

From the moment he made that decision in his heart a change began within him.

"God saved me in His name and has given me a new love and a heart of compassion for all people. He has made me humble," he explains.

"When I came to God He forgave me and chose to forget all my sins (see Isaiah 43:25, and Psalm 103:12). I now enjoy a freedom in Christ to live for God."

While Petrus is still serving time behind bars, He is grateful that prison brought Him to know who God truly is and how He could start a relationship with Him.

To others he lovingly adds, "Jesus is love and without Him we cannot live life as God wants us to and enjoy eternal life with Him in heaven one day."

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