Snatched out of darkness

Mooketsi Gaoletlwe

Growing up in a ghetto near Gaborone, Botswana, Mooketsi Gaoletlwe was pressured by school peers to smoke dagga and drink.

"I was a drunkard and a smoker, which meant that I did not obtain a good schooling," Mooketsi says.

"My parents did not have enough finances to support me, so I was trapped into doing bad things. I started doing drug dealing and I was caught and went to prison. I stumbled in my darkness."

Mooketsi is thankful for his grandmother, who he says "dragged me to church, because I was doing bad things."

The people at this church were concerned about this newcomer.

In prison, he recalls realising, "I have to quit all the bad things I have done. I need to live a better life and have peace of mind."

Based on what he had seen of people in church, Mooketsi says, "I knew that without Jesus I won't have peace of mind."

When a friend from his church visited, Mooketsi acted on that realisation. "During that visited I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour in prison."

"Now I have peace and hope. Even though I'm not employed at present I believe that God is my provider and He will provide a job for me.

"I have no desire to drink alcohol. I quite drug dealing and I have more control over my body and desires. Jesus is helping me to be a better person."

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