Turn to God not alcohol

Last Masuka
Last Masuka

Whether life seems easy or hard, Last Masuka learnt in prison that God wants each person to trust in Him.

"When I was growing up I was thinking that my life was always going to be easy, like it was while I was young," Last says.

Then his girlfriend became pregnant and life started to get hard so Last turned to crime to make ends meet.

To drown out the pressure and stress he was feeling, Last says he turned to alcohol but this only added to his problems.

Finally his actions caught up with him and, despite having a young family to care for, Last ended up in prison.

Although he was devastated to be separated from his family, it was in prison that Last heard about the new life that Jesus offers.

"I heard that Jesus is my helper," he shares.

"Now I want to follow Jesus' because my life has always belonged to God – He created me. I know now, instead of following my own ways, I must follow Him all my life."

Although Last continues to serve out his prison sentence, He understands now that even in desperate times it is important to trust in God to provide rather than turning to crime and alcohol.

"I see now, that everything I did was wrong and that I would have died in my sins without God in my life. Thank God for His salvation through Jesus!"

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