Can’t do life alone

Lulu realised being good without God was impossible

Lungiswa Loiretta Eke
Lungiswa Loiretta Eke

The desire to be good motivated Lungiswa "Lulu" Eke to ask for God to change her from the inside out.

"I used to go into clubs and go with different men, every Friday until Sunday," Lulu says. "But one day I realised that what I was doing was wrong, so I left.

"I became a 'good girl', staying with one man and was married."

Unfortunately, Lulu was sent to prison for past crimes, but she says, "I still wanted God to help me and change me.

"I wanted to become a better person in life, but I could not do this alone. I wanted God to help me, so I trusted in Him alone.

"I wanted God to help me change from doing wrongs like those I did in my past. I ended up in prison because I started dealing in drugs, but I know that God will help me to overcome my past life and live for Him."

Lulu recalls praying a prayer: "God I, Lungiswa, repent, and I come to you, because you are God, who never fails those who trust in You, Lord. I can't do it by myself – help me to stop doing wrong."

Following this genuine prayer; asking Jesus to forgive her sins against Him, Lulu says her desires have been changed by God.

"I don't want to go back to doing bad things," she explains, "and I know that God has and will help me to finally change.

"I thank God each day for what He has done."

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