Drunkard given second chance

An alcoholic and violent man, Duncan Oundo thought he deserved hell

Duncan Oundo
Duncan Oundo

Alcohol was central to Duncan Oundo's life and his addiction hurt many people until the day he took a second chance offered to him.

"When I got married, at the age of 24, I was already addicted to alcohol," Duncan admits honestly.

"My wife suffered from loneliness and felt overworked because I was out drinking so much and leaving her with the responsibilities of the house."

The rest of Duncan's family thought that he was simply following in the footsteps of his father and admired him for being able to drink so much.

"My father gave me money for alcohol but he never gave my wife any money for food or helped her in any way," he recalls.

As time went on Duncan's drinking increased and so did his violent behaviour to the point where nobody respected him anymore.

"I grew up in a religious family," he says, "and knew what God required of me. When my life was given over to alcohol and I became violent, I lost hope in myself because I knew that I was the worst sinner.

"I thought that what I was doing was unpardonable. I was waiting to die and to be sentenced to hell."

Then, one day while Duncan was drinking at a pub he overheard someone reading from the Bible.

"It was a man leading an open air crusade and he was speaking from Isaiah chapter 1, verses 18-20," Duncan recalls. "These verses speak about God making our sins 'as white as snow' – like they had never been – if we would just come to Him and turn from our wicked ways."

These words touched Duncan so much that he could not stop thinking about them.

"One night I really hit rock bottom and beat my wife almost to death," he confesses sadly.

"Her only crime was that she had been slow to open the front door for me. When the people in the village found out what I had done the men threatened to kill me if she died."

Terrified for his wife and his life, Duncan suddenly remembered the verses he had heard from the Bible and turned to God in desperate prayer.

"I prayed, 'Lord, if You restore my wife back to life I will give You my whole life and serve You all the days of my life'. The Lord heard my prayer and my wife revived, saving me from the furious people that wanted to kill me. It was then that I knew that God was my friend even though I was a sinner."

That night Duncan went to a pastor's house and knocked on the door.

"I told him that I had had enough of the world and that I needed Jesus Christ," he recalls.

"The pastor thought I was drunk and told me to come back in the morning. I insisted though and so he led me in the 'Sinner's Prayer' and afterwards I felt a heaviness leaving my heart to be replaced with the peace of God."

Duncan is now living each day as a follower of Jesus Christ and is a pastor of a small church.

When he stopped drinking and fighting his wife was so amazed at the transformation in his life that she too became a Christian.

"My brothers were not pleased with my decision," he says, "but even though they chased me out of my house for betraying their 'beliefs' and left us destitute I know that the Lord is my provider."

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