God is never tired of us

Samuel realised God is not finished with anyone

Samuel Murunga
Samuel Murunga found purpose in prison

Marital unfaithfulness, sexual immorality, alcohol and drug addiction coloured Samuel Murunga's life even though his parents were God-fearing church leaders.

When his wrong lifestyle caught up with him, Samuel ended up in prison for indecent assault – a sexual offence.

"I had reached the limit in sexual immorality and I felt that God was annoyed with me," Samuel says, as he acknowledged he was ashamed of his actions.

Yet light dawned when a fellow prisoner shared with him about how he could inherit the Kingdom of God and no longer feel shame.

"I wanted to know God's forgiveness and join God's spiritual Kingdom," he says.

"That day I confessed Jesus as my Saviour, and submitted to Him as my Lord."

Since then Samuel says he had had a smooth stay in prison because of a renewed hope in life and an understanding that God can use him to accomplish great things, even behind bars.

"I have been elevated in stages to a special position and I have led many souls to Christ," he shares joyfully.

"Through prayer and fasting I was also able to quit smoking and for the past four years I have not had a cigarette! I realised Jesus dries up all the addictions and saves the lost. He is never tired with anyone."

Adding to these blessings, Samuel says God brought his two daughters back into his life.

"I have even been able to meet my daughter who I had not met for 16 years.

"In prison I am now an interpreter and minister of the gospel. I have gained favour with prison wardens and have been appointed a leader just like the Biblical character of Joseph.

"I believe if prisoners can remain faithful it is possible to move from prison to a palace."

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