Needs provided for

Godfrey Mamebula
Godfrey Mamebula pictured holding his treasured Bible

Poverty and despair so surrounded Godfrey Mamebula that he tried to steal train tracks.

After he was arrested he realised he needed to look beyond material things to satisfy his soul.

Due to the hardness of life and having no work, he says he turned to smoking, drinking alcohol and having many sexual relationships.

He admits they were mistakes, but his worst mistake was yet to come.

"Because I was unemployed, someone falsely promised to give me a job, but it actually involved stealing train tracks."

When he was arrested for his crimes his thoughts about life and material things began to change.

"I realised that the world (that is, material things) will not solve my problems, but only God," Godfrey explains.

"Before I ended up in prison I was invited to a church. I wanted what they had because I saw that Christians lived a better life."

During this service, Godfrey clearly recalls hearing the good news about Jesus Christ.

"I accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour. I gave my life to Jesus."

For his crime Godfrey was sentenced to four years. He has accepted this judgement, and now he trusts Jesus both for everlasting salvation and for his daily needs.

In trusting Jesus, Godfrey says he sees God provide for him.

"All my needs are met when I pray," Godfrey expresses.

One of those needs is inner spiritual strength to keep on trusting God in difficult circumstances. He says God answers that prayer too.

"I always pray for Jesus' strength to change me and He does."

Godfrey advises other prisoners to ask God for His forgiveness so that they too can be spiritually free.

"Let us pray to God so that He can set us free and change our lives while in prison, and also when we are outside after our sentence is over."

Godfrey now lives as one who depends on God for all his needs, knowing that God blesses those who humbly ask and trust in Him.

He bases this belief on the promise of Jesus in Matthew chapter 7, verses 7-8. In these verses Jesus teaches those who trust in Him, "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened."

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