Before it is too late

Johannes Nel
Johannes Nel says life has changed for good

Having lost his mother and father at age 13, Johannes Nel turned to bad friendships that ultimately led him to prison.

"I was friends with the wrong people, at the wrong time and I was dealing with stuff that is not right in the law," Johannes says sadly.

"I was stealing people's stuff and I hurt a lot of people in my life. I never wanted to see people happy because at that time I did not know Jesus in the way I do today."

Looking back on his attitude to life, Johannes says he "lived the life of the devil", meaning he gave into the temptations God's enemy put in front of him.

"Hurting people and destroying the life of others is not right in God's eyes," Johannes says now after encountering something amazing behind bars.

It was here he began to search for God because of the pain and suffering he wished to be free from.

"A friend came to me and told me about Jesus Christ," he shares.

"I realised that the Lord Jesus died for my sins and I must take Him as my Saviour and live for Him before it is too late. So I asked God to help me and I opened my heart to let Jesus come into my life."

Since this life-changing decision, Johannes says life is still hard at times but he thanks Jesus for helping him become the man he is today.

"I love the Word of God and the Christian way of life, a life that pleases God," he says.

"God took away my desire for all the wrong things, all that the devil wants me to do, and He enables me to live a life more and more like Jesus. Now I want to go and help other people that don't know Jesus to find Him too."

To others Johannes concludes saying: "You must make Jesus Christ Saviour of your life before it is too late. Live the way of Jesus and never let go of God's Word, the Bible. Amen."

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