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Nabieu Wallace was careful to know whether he had true salvation. He shares how the unfamiliar concept of ‘salvation’ in his religious training in Seirra Leone lead to a deep search of the Bible.

Nabieu Wallace
Nabieu Wallace now understands the true meaning of salvation

In one of my classes there was a discussion about salvation. It wasn't a topic that was normally dealt with as there's no mention of salvation in [other religious texts].

I had heard Christians talking about salvation before, so I went to a Christian friend of mine and borrowed his Bible.

He was shocked when I wanted to borrow his Bible, but he gave it to me anyway. As it had a concordance, I was able to look up any word and I could then find it in the Bible—this was absolutely great for me.

I started searching through the Bible for passages containing the word salvation. At first I found it confusing ... because the word salvation in the Bible didn't express a single thought or idea, but rather it was a term that carries authority.

I found where Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life; no man comes to the father but by me" (John chapter 14, verse 6). For me, this statement stood out with so much authority.

Salvation is hard to find in any other religion because there is no prophet claiming to be God's Son, sent by God to His people.

I was completely confused, because the more I read the Bible, the more I came across texts pointing in the same direction – that Jesus is the way to salvation.

I continued going to my usual class and the discussion about salvation continued. I raised my point that Jesus was the way to salvation, but was told by my lecturer that my point and references – the Bible – weren't acceptable.

"Sir, how do you regard the Bible?" I asked. My teacher said that it's a book meant for Christians.

"No," I said, "Because I have never seen the word Christian in the Bible—all I see are the words, 'my people'." After a month I knew I had found all that I'd been searching for, and had all I needed to know – that there is no way anyone can enter the kingdom of God without Jesus.

I immediately confessed my sins and gave my life to Jesus. I felt like I was a new creature – with a new life.

In December 2004, I arrived in Australia as a refugee with my wife and family, and we were referred to a (Bible-believing) church for assistance and support.

My family have benefitted from the fundraising for refugee family reunion that our church does – 14 members of our family, who were in refugee camps, have been reunited.

In 2006, I joined the church membership, and a little later so did my wife and three children.

I thank God for all that he has done for me and my family.?

Courtesy Warcry magazine of the Salvation Army

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