with Karl Faase

Motivation of first scientists

There is much commentary from the New Atheists suggesting that no serious scientist could believe in God or be a Christian. The general public are told that rational scientists do not believe in God because science gives them all the answers.

Has that always been the case?

Rodney Stark researched the 52 most important scientists who pioneered the scientific revolution from 1543 onward. He found from extensive research, that all but two of these scientists had a belief in God. Even more importantly, of these 52 individuals, 60% of them were actually devout Christians.

Well-known names include Blaise Pascal, Alessandro Volta, Charles Glover Barkla, Benjamin Silliman, Gregor Mendel, George Washington Carver and John Ambrose Fleming.

The divide between science and faith is a relatively recent occurrence generated not from science but from pre-formed atheistic world views (mis)using science to bolster a philosophical belief. There is no reason to suggest that science creates atheism.

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