Truth among conflicting beliefs

Nomsa Sibanda
Nomsa Sibanda

Nomsa Sibanda felt caught between her parents conflicting beliefs but hard times showed her where the truth lay.

"My father was into traditional medicine where he would compete with other witchdoctors," Nomsa says.

Although her father held various traditional ceremonies in their home, her mother held strongly to her Christian faith.

"I thought about God," Nomsa recalls, "because our mother would sit with us when our father was away. She sang and prayed for us, even in times of her need.

"She would pray that we would have good lives and marry good spouses."

Years later her parents split up and her father remarried.

"In grade three I was forced to stay with my father and his second wife," Nomsa remembers.

"Life was so difficult that I survived on lying and stealing, especially food. She would only give us food that was no longer edible and clothes that her children did not want."

Even today, Nomsa admits, "I am still tempted with lying and to feel hatred towards my step mother."

In secondary school Nomsa decided she needed to know God like her mother did.

"My mother's encouragement and prayers prompted me to search for God," she explains.

She joined the Christian organisation Scripture Union, which she says "gave me assurance of life in hard times."

"Through the prayer groups I was able to hear about Jesus as the Redeemer of mankind, and the sacrifice He made on the cross for us."

"I was prompted to trust in Jesus by a sermon on Psalm 23, which my mother talked about a lot."

“Don’t lose hope with what might happen to you”During Easter time she remembers seeing a film about the death and resurrection of Jesus.

"When I saw the death of Jesus I discovered how much He is committed to loving me even though I am a sinner."

Nomsa says she was motivated to turn to Jesus

"I received Jesus as my personal Saviour. I know I am a Christian because I believe in Jesus' ways and I live according to His will."

"God has worked miracles in my life. He gave me a good husband and three girls. God has given me power to deal with evil spirits of this world.

"By praying all the time I then overcome my sin (wrongdoing)."

When she needs refuge and protection from trouble Nomsa says she looks to Jesus.

"Jesus is our rock," she says. "He is the cave you can hide in times of sorrow. He does everything with a purpose for your life."

For those who do not know Jesus, Nomsa says "Don't lose hope with what might happen to you. Jesus is ready to open a door for you. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

"God will never forsake you, unlike man who will. Jesus says, 'Come to me all who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.' He died for our sins and suffered on the cross."

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