Love from above

Life can be rough but there is hope for a better future, Sharon shares

Sharon Sonkasonka
Sharon asked, “Where is the love?”

Sharon Sonkasonka had a rough start to life when her mother became mentally ill after her birth and her father started losing money in his businesses.

"It was like all of the sudden things fell apart, the shops stopped bringing in any profit and the bank overdraft that was needed for the business was denied," Sharon explains.

As her parents could not support her under these circumstances, Sharon had to relocate and live with her sisters in Zambia, where she struggled with low self-esteem and little resources for her primary education.

"I wondered how childhood could have been like with mom and dad around. I missed parental love.

"My father tried his best and I thank him for that. With the help from my sisters I was able to complete school and I went to college as a primary school teacher, later on as a secondary school teacher and now at a university for adult education and science."

During their struggles Sharon admits that, even though her family were very poor and tried their best to provide for her, she used to steal from them.

"I used to blame them for not having this or that," she confesses. "I used to pretend to be a very good and innocent person."

Then one Sunday, when she was older, Sharon's niece came home and told her how Jesus had delivered her from an evil spirit.

She invited Sharon to her church, explaining that she felt so relieved and filled with peace and joy.

"I became curious and desired to go and see for myself what Jesus could do for me," Sharon says.

They attended a Sunday evening service together where a visiting pastor explained how people could be saved from sins and be with God in heaven one day.

"He said Jesus came to save mankind and read the verse from John chapter 3 verse 16 which says, 'For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life'," Sharon recalls.

The pastor went on to explain how every person has fallen short of God's perfect standard [see Romans 3:23] with the wrong things, called sin, that they do in their lives.

"It is this sin that causes death," Sharon continues, "but God through Jesus Christ gives us eternal life as a gift (see Romans 6:23).

"Jesus is the bridge that God made for us to cross to Him. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life [see John 14:6]."

As the pastor spoke about these things Sharon says she looked at her life and saw the need for Jesus to be her Saviour. "I looked at the cross as an exchange basis where my sin and suffering would be exchanged with salvation. I took a step and accepted Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

"I felt a heavy burden taken off my shoulders and felt peace I had never felt before."

Boldness replaced Sharon’s self pity

Even though she missed the attention of her parents, Sharon says God showed her that He is her Heavenly Farther who will never leave her.

"The Bible explains that to all who received Him, He gave them the right to become children of God [see John 1:12]. That is how I know that I am a child of God," she explains.

"I have seen God change me from a self-pitying to a bold woman. I don't steal anymore because Jesus set me free. It did not happen at once but after renewing my mind with the Word of God I found myself getting rid of bad habits one by one."

Today Sharon is married with three children and works as a teacher.

"I have seen God come through for the many needs I have encountered and this has made me trust Him even more," she says joyfully now.

"No circumstance can be beyond God's great power and if you make Him your Lord and Saviour He will definitely take over your life and change it for the better."

To others she adds, "Jesus is the answer to every need that you can have. If you give your life to Him and He will free your mind from every worry and give you the peace the world has never known because Jesus is the Price of Peace. He came to the world to give us abundant life that we may enjoy life to the full" [see John 10:7-10].

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