Radio host’s leap of faith

Former South African radio presenter Clint Davis swapped celebrity status for a message that changed his life

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THRILL-A-MINUTE RADIO HOST: True peace seemed elusive for Clint Davis as he pursued pleasure, fame and popularity

Speaking on-air for Radio Jacaranda to an audience of 3.5 million listeners every day was once a complete thrill for Clint Davis.

"If anybody is to know what commercial radio is like, look at the celebrities of today, and you will know how easy it is to be caught up in that world," Clint shares about the six years he devoted to it.

He admits being drawn in to "celebrity-ism" and the pursuit of pleasure, fame and popularity that comes with it. Yet true peace in life seemed somehow elusive.

"Some seek peace in yoga [or other things], but whatever it is – we are seeking peace – about this life, about our circumstances, the direction of our lives and what comes after this life," Clint explains.

Part of the problem stemmed from the hurt he continued to carry from his upbringing after his father left.

"My parents were church goers but my stepfather was quite abusive physically and emotionally," he remembers.

His family took him to church from a young age, where Clint recalls committing his life to Jesus at age six, but he became disillusioned with Christianity from the hypocrisy he witnessed around him.

"What I had seen on stage was not what I had seen behind the scenes," he explains.

"It was easy for me to hold very loosely to what a Christian life looked like. "

As an adult Clint had all but left his faith in God, embracing his success as a Johannesburg radio presenter.

Then, upon meeting the love of his life, his life was turned upside down.

"I met my wife in the celebrity world. We felt that if we were heading towards marriage for real then we had to get back into church," he explains.

Together they decided to "rediscover" and pursue God wholeheartedly due to the many broken lives and marriages they had witnessed where God was absent.

After this recommitment they both felt God prompting them to move to Dubai in 2009, where they became involved in ministry at a church there for two years.

During this time Clint counselled many people about fatherhood and says God challenged him with a question he had never properly dealt with: "How do I relate to God as Father?"

With this came the desire to share with his earthly father how Jesus had changed his life so Clint connected with him over social media.

"The months of difficult discussion were tough and emotionally draining. I met up with him when I was last in South Africa," he shares.

Through this experience Clint realised that the way people experience fatherhood often taints their view of God as a good heavenly Father.

In those years where he believed God was absent because of his father's example, Clint affirms that God had in fact never left his side.

Clint Davis
Peace is a free gift, says Clint Davis

"Without dishonouring my father in any way, I felt God saying to me, 'You see now that I've been your Dad the whole time – I've guided and led you'."

With this newfound understanding, Clint now works in community radio in Australia and guest lectures at an Australian Bible college.

"God has given me a gift to explain complicated things in a simple way. I never used that when I was on commercial radio, but God did a 180 degree switch on these things when I gave it to Him," he says.

Clint uses a simple analogy to explain what it is like to have salvation and a relationship with Jesus.

"Imagine I gave you a million dollars but until you go and draw that money out of the ATM you don't have it," he explains.

"In the same way, Christ died for all, but until you accept that free gift you don't have it.

"Now we live in a broken world because we chose to be separated from God's perfection [through our wrongdoing], but once you give Jesus control over your life you will have His real and lasting peace about where you'll be for eternity in heaven in God's Kingdom."

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