Former thief gains a life and a wife

Harry Phaoha
Harry Phaoha

As self-confessed stubborn teen, Harry Phaoha thought he could steal whatever he wanted for himself without any consequences before one shop hit went wrong and the whole community began to mistrust him.

"I was a very stubborn person," Harry shares. "I was a thief and I gambled money almost every day of my life."

Harry knew he was doing wrong, so he admits, "I always felt insecure", not knowing the day he would be punished.

"Despite the evil I did, people thought I was a well-mannered person, but when I broke into a shop, the whole community knew about it."

Harry's reputation was shattered and he was branded an untrustworthy thief.

Now rejected by others, he began to admire the goodness of his brother's life, and decided that his brother's trust in the Lord Jesus was relevant to his life after all.

"Life was so heavy for me that I decided to give my life to God," Harry explains.

"My brother, who was a born-again Christian, took me to his church and there I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Saviour."

In this prayer, Harry asked Jesus to be King of his life and declared his belief that Jesus took the punishment for his sins.

The first challenge to Harry's decision for God was his parent's disapproval.

"My parents fought me left, right and centre, on everything, in order to stop me from living as a Christian," he says.

However, Harry's parents could not stop him and soon they saw the difference God was making in his life, particularly in his attitude to school.

"I used to have a bad attitude at school and toward teachers. Jesus delivered me from that," he says.

Harry also stopped wanting to steal because the Holy Spirit of God changed his heart.

"I was able to know what belonged to me," he says, referring to his desire to stop stealing.

His new attitude was so radically different that his parents could no longer deny the power of God working in his life so they too decided to follow Jesus.

"My parents were tightly against me going to church, but now they also have given their lives to Christ, praise God!" Harry says joyfully.

Having become a Christian as a teenager, Harry was relieved to have escaped from a lot of temptations and their bad consequences.

"God sustained me from sexual immorality until I was married in 2004 to another Christian woman who also had not been sexually immoral," he explains.

Through the wisdom and strength God gave him as a teenager, Harry says, "I was able to reap what I had sowed", meaning that God blessed him because of his commitment to following Jesus.

By trusting in God for a wife, Harry concludes, he gained a wife who also was waiting patiently for him.?

Harry’s new attitude was so radically different
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