Illness and prison led to joy

Amos Vincent
Amos Vincent

Illness plagues Amos Vincent's life but prison revealed a sickness he did not know he even had.

"I did not think much about God because I was suffering from diseases every summer, every year," Amos explains. "This led me to think that there was no God."

Amos realises now that this belief was just an excuse not to change the way he was living. "I struggled with sins of stealing my parents' things and drinking a lot of alcohol," he admits.

This was not a problem to Amos until his wrong-doing landed him in prison for fraud.

"I was looking for a job in security and I (fraudulently) used someone else's security certificates and PSIRA," he explains.

After many years struggling with disease and finding no way to be healed Amos began searching for God to find answers and healing. He began attending church and reading the Bible and realised that his wrong doing was separating Him from God and eternal life with Him in heaven.

"A friend of mine took me to church meetings held for two weeks in 2000, and there I heard about Jesus the Saviour, who paid the penalty for my sins," Amos shares.

As he looked at this friend Amos saw that he really did have a relationship with God through the way that he lived to honour God in everything he did.

"My friend and the Bible verses I heard made me want to become a Christian by faith in Jesus," Amos says.

"I believed that Jesus is the Saviour and that without Him I could not be alive. He died on the cross for my wrongs against God."

This is a time to turn away from your sinAs he gave control of his life to Jesus, Amos says God the Holy Spirit came to live in Him and helped him understand how to live.

"God changed me since I became a Christian," he explains, "because my life is not the same as before. Now through God's power I can stop myself from sins that I used to do."

In prison Amos is now excited about telling his cellmates about Jesus.

"I tell other prisoners who do not yet believe *in Jesus that this is a time to turn away from *their sin, to agree with God's Word, and believe in Jesus.

"Jesus says He is 'The (only) Way" to our Father God (John chapter 14, verse 6), and "I am the door; whoever enters by me will be saved" (John 10, verse 9).

"In Jesus there is joy, mercy and everlasting life."

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