My household changed

Rose Makoti
Rose Makoti

Wanting to feel good about herself was the biggest struggle for Rose Makoti because she did not have a happy household or marriage.

"We were not a happy family," Rose begins, because my husband was a drunkard and was selling cannabis for more than ten years."

This led Rose to pursue her own pleasures to help her feel better.

"I could become angry and sorrowful at different times," she admits.

This lead to other personal problems including gossiping and jealousy, even in her family.

"Bad friends were often in our home to buy dagga. We did not have peace of mind as we feared police taking us to prison."

A sudden spike in blood pressure one day in 2006 forced Rose to visit hospital.

"I was not cured there and returned home. A certain man of God who was visiting door to door came to our house and found me sleeping on the mat.

"This man shared the good news about Jesus Christ with me. He read Jesus' words in John 3, verse 3: 'I assure you: Unless someone is [spiritually] born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.'

"God spoke to me that there is a future spiritual kingdom where we will live if we believe in Jesus Christ.

"I confessed my sin and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to enter into my heart."

In that very same moment, Rose says, "My body became lighter" as God took away her guilt and the Holy Spirit began living in her.

"My life has really changed," she continues.

"We are no longer selling dagga, instead I am sharing the Word of God in my home. Our home is now a camp of believers."

Rose says she stays close to God every day by "casting all the wickedness of my heart onto the perfect sacrifice that Jesus Christ paid for my sins on the cross."

In this way she submits herself to God's authority. "I am a servant of God," she adds. "God shows His work through me."

In situations of temptation, she explains, "God helps me overcome by reading His Word and depending on the Holy Spirit. When we don't have money, the Word of God encourages me.

"As Philippians 4, verse 19 says, 'My God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.'"

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