Nasty man made nice

Piet Gabarobane

Piet Gabarobane was not a nice man. He was full of hatred and anger, always picking fights and just taking what he wanted from others, whether it was a woman's body or a person's car.

"I never respected anyone else," Piet confesses. "I thought no one could stand up to me."

But that is maybe not surprising, as Piet suffered great poverty, fear and loneliness as a child.

From an early age Piet had no one to care for him and had to fend for himself, which led to a life of gangsterism, alcohol and drugs.

Eventually leading to him being incarcerated for rape and hijacking.

But through the mentoring of a friend in prison, Piet began to realise that the love of God was greater than his sins.

Jesus, who is God in human form, came to earth 2000 years ago and died on a cross to pay for all Piet's mistakes and wrongdoings. Now God was offering Piet the free gift of a new life, a second chance.

"I realised that God could change my situation. I started attending a Bible study in prison and learnt that God loves me and that He will never let me down.

"I believed in Christ as my Saviour. My life has changed. I'm born again." Piet testifies.

Now Piet loves others and respects their rights. "I am living a happy life. I am no longer addicted to drugs. God has taken all my sin away.

"If you have Christ everything is possible. Start to let Him change your life and live the holy life," Piet urges his fellow inmates.

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