by Karl Faase

Alfred Nobel’s legacy

Alfred Nobel

Recently I read the story of Alfred Nobel. He was a famous Swedish industrialist, who had made millions from dynamite. One morning, as Nobel read the morning papers, he discovered his obituary. (The editor of the newspaper had mistakenly thought he had died.)

Reading the summary of his life, his demeanour changed from surprise to shock. Despite all of his financial success, the article spoke about him as a rude and unpleasant man. While he was horrified, he also considered the truth of what he was reading. It became the catalyst for him to change his life. As a result he established the Nobel Peace Prize, giving his huge wealth to benefit good causes around the world.

That single decision to instigate the Nobel Peace Prize changed the legacy of Alfred Nobel from rude, wealthy industrialist, to the name most synonymous with humanitarian causes.

What legacy are you leaving? What will people say about your life and how you lived it?

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