On the skinny road

Australian radio host, singer and media personality Emma Mullings says her life only really began when she processed the pain of losing her mother to cancer decades earlier

Emma Mullings
Emma Mullings’ hit single Skinny Roads has enjoyed plenty of air play around the country

Today Emma is living life to the full, gracing our TV screens as the current host of Whats New spots, acting as a radio announcer on Sydney's Hope 103.2FM and recently winning Artist of the Year at the Music OZ awards.

Yet despite her success, grief and anger from the death of her mother when she was little had a huge impact on her life.

Emma was just four when her mum was diagnosed with cancer and died just 12 weeks later.

Her mother Susie Wilson had been a recording artist herself, releasing six albums in the 1970s and early 80s.

It was a shock for the whole church where her parents were pastors.

"I never really understood it," Emma remembers. "It was quite a knock and I didn't process it in a healthy way."

She continued going to church until she was in her early teens and then "went my own way", she admits. "I was a pretty angry kid, with lots of unprocessed grief."

At 20, Emma won a music scholarship and moved to Sydney.

There she tried to quench her emotional pain with "all sorts of things" and says she had no value for her own life.

"I thought to myself, 'If I take this [pill] and die then maybe I can be with Mum'," she confesses.

At 22, while working for a radio station and getting ready to take a great opportunity overseas, Emma was in the car with a Christian colleague who put a worship album on the car radio.

"I ripped the CD out and told him in colourful language where to put it!" she recalls.

Fortunately, the man was unoffended and made it his mission to get her back into relationship with God. Every Sunday he texted or called inviting her to church. Eventually the prayers of Emma's father were answered and she went.

"I went back a couple of times. One time an ex-mafia boss gave his testimony and that is what I needed to hear, that God could restore anyone. Someone who had made such a mess of their life," she says.

She gave her life fully to God that night and felt prompted to go study at Bible College to learn more.

"I knew God could restore me and I was so desperate to be healed. He well and truly did it! That was 12 years ago and I have never looked back. I have never been the same. God completely restored my life and it blows me away," she enthuses.

"Jesus is my Creator, my Saviour, my best friend. He is my everything. He understands me when I feel so misunderstood, He sees my heart and He also gently guides and corrects me. I've lived my life with Him and without Him and I NEVER want to do life without Him again."

Now Emma is passionate to help those who are in the same position as she was.

"If anyone had looked at me back then they would have thought 'Oh, my goodness. There is no hope for her.' But I can absolutely say that God can restore anyone and I am a working testimony to that," she declares.

Emma and family
Emma with her husband Terrence and children Hosannah and Jeremiah.

Her blog at www.emmamullings.com is focused on helping people to find their purpose and channel their passion into destiny, rather than frustration.

And the title Skinny Roads?

Emma says it refers to: "Taking the road less travelled, not the wide, easy road. Being true to the God-call is a skinny road.

"Feel the fear and go for it!" she encourages. "Know that you are following the God-call on your life and listen for His instruction and direction. Sometimes you are walking in the dark and can barely see but you just have to take the next step. Be true to the vision the Creator has placed in your heart."

Emma's first EP and hit single are available on iTunes, and have enjoyed plenty of airplay around the country.

When asked what she is planning for the new year Emma says it's all systems go.

"The radio show and my beautiful kids keep me very busy. I'm also taking some time off in January to have our third baby!

"Life is very full but it's an adventure and I'm loving the adventure," she concludes.

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