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Pluggedin app


Have you ever been to a movie and had to walk out (or wished you had not brought your kids) because it was much more violent, crass, sexually explicit or full of swearing than you had anticipated? As a parent do you sometimes feel a bit uninformed about the movies your child wants to see with friends? Do you sometimes wish you had saved your money and time by not watching some nonsense?

Well, with the free Pluggedin app by Focus on the Family, you can research beforehand whether a movie is the sort of thing you might enjoy, or whether the movie your teen wants to see is suitable.

Pluggedin reviews movies and gives them a rating out of five as to how family-friendly they are. It also gives a detailed description of the plot – warning you if there are spoilers – and a breakdown of the amount of swearing (how much and what words), the drug and alcohol use, the sexual content, spiritual content, violent content and the other negative and positive elements in the plot.

Then you can judge the movie's suitability for your family based on the things you feel are important. You may not agree with the review but at least you will be forewarned. For me I know that less than 2.5 plugs is not a movie I am going to enjoy.

Pluggedin not only reviews movies but also music, television shows and computer games. The website also reviews books.

The app means that even standing in line at the cinema you can do a quick check to see if a particular title is likely to be enjoyable. I also like to use it in the video store, or before renting a movie online.

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