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Two violent robberies and crippling debt plunged Susan into a personal crisis

Goldsmith Susan Howard has fully recovered from the post-traumatic stress disorder she suffered after two armed robberies at the jewellery store where she worked.

Susan witnessed her boss getting shot in the head during one of the robberies and experienced incredible fear that manifested itself in nightmares, anxiety, flashbacks, and depression.

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During the same period she discovered her husband was having an affair.

"I blamed myself because I was a mess from the robberies. The heartbreak I felt was just overwhelming. After years of trying to save my marriage, the marriage ended in divorce," Susan shares.

"I was left in a terrible emotional and financial situation. Losing our home to foreclosure, after (my ex) filed for bankruptcy. I didn't know how I could ever repay the debt incurred."

That was when she called a Christian telephone helpline.

"I just couldn't carry my burden any longer. The woman on the phone gave me a few Bible verses to read. One of them was Isaiah chapter 41 verse 7.

"The verse reads: 'The carpenter encourages the goldsmith, and the moulder helps at the anvil. "Good," they say. "It's coming along fine." Carefully they join the parts together, then fasten the thing in place so it won't fall over.'

Susan continues: "After reading that verse, I just sobbed. I didn't tell the helpline woman that I was a goldsmith. I felt as if God was speaking directly to me! As if He said, 'Susan I know you, I heard you, and I am with you'."

Following that phone call Susan decided to surrender her life to Jesus Christ, submitting to Him as King of all Creation.

Soon Susan landed a new goldsmith job, and in time was able to pay off her debt.

Shortly after that she met her husband Shawn, and fell in love. They have been married for 10 years, and have three beautiful daughters, Hannah, Rebecca, and Sarah.

"Although my life has ups and downs like everyone else's, through my faith I can overcome all things," Susan declares.

Susan now designs a range of jewellery called Comfort Wear Jewellery that "expresses God's love and grace".

"So if you ask me what God was telling me in the Isaiah 41:7, I will tell you that Jesus the carpenter has been encouraging me the goldsmith ever since the day I gave my life to Him," she smiles.?

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