Symbol of Love


If I asked what you thought a symbol of love was, what would you say? Most people think of the symbol of a heart. This is a sentimental representation of relational love best left for Valentine's Day.

True love, deep and significant love, is represented by our wanting to give of ourselves to another person so we enhance their lives. Sometimes that is romantic love, but for many it is the decision to give your life for another person.

Christians believe this is the picture of Jesus' love for humanity. God's love for us was demonstrated in that while we were still rejecting God, He sent His Son Jesus to earth so that we could have new life in Him. Here is the best representation of love for all of us. Love is not best demonstrated by the symbol of a heart, but rather the symbol of the cross.

The cross as a symbol gives us a picture of selfless giving, of forgiveness, of a fresh start, and grace in action. What better picture of love could we hold than that?

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