Wholeness at last

Drug abuse, depression, attempted suicide – some of the hallmarks of a life that had hit rock bottom. Lauren Mobsby explains how her life completely turned around

Lauren Mobsby
Lauren Mobsby says she wouldn’t change a thing.

As a child I was sexually abused, and my father was an alcoholic and very violent towards my mother.

One night my mother fled with me and my brother. We moved in with my nan and grandad in South London, where I spent some of my happiest times as a child.

But it wasn't to last. In my early teens, I started drinking and had my first serious relationship. My boyfriend introduced me to the world of drugs.

We would do drugs for days on end in an abandoned flat. But during the three years I was with him, my boyfriend was very violent and would sexually assault me. At times my life was in danger – he came close to killing me.

Thank God, I managed to escape from that relationship, but I'd lost all hope in men. I sank further and further into a world of drugs and escapism.

One day I was introduced to a new drug called ketamine. This was a mind-altering drug that helped me to escape the black abyss that was drowning me.

I suffered depression and anxiety because of my childhood trauma. I would have flashbacks of childhood events that I would try to block out using drugs and alcohol, but I was broken inside.

In my twenties I took an overdose and nearly died.

I can look back now and see how God was watching over me. It's made me realise how God uses hard times and struggles to draw us closer to Him. I had always believed there was something bigger than us, something that created all this world.

As a child I had always prayed to God. It's only now I realise God has answered all of my prayers, in His own way and timing.

Despite the darkness of the past, the path I have walked has led me to where I am today – and I wouldn't change a thing. The darkness of my life led me to find the light, for which I praise the Lord.

“He [God] has healed me in a way I never thought possible”I had prayed all my adult life to be set free from my mental health issues. I suddenly realised I was putting my faith in doctors instead of God.

Though God does use doctors, there are times when we also need to have faith in God's healing power. After prayer and advice from a very wise Christian lady at my church, I asked the church elders to pray for me and anoint me with oil in the way the Bible teaches (in James 5:13-16).

Before that, one of the church elders had told me he'd been given a vision in which God promised I would be set free from the illness. And God kept His promise. He has healed me in a way I never thought possible.

After years of taking anti-depressants, mood stabilisers and anti-psychotic drugs, I no longer need them.

And on Valentine's Day several years ago, I married Michael, and the following June we were both baptised as Christians (to publicly declare our new life in Jesus).

I know now that God has a plan for my life and all I have to do is hold His hand and trust in Him.

I pray that my story will give hope to readers who may be going through or have gone through similar experiences, and that the Lord Jesus will bring healing and peace into your life.

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