Laser physicist has new mission

Dr David Stone has five university degrees up his sleeve, but he shares why he left academia and ‘the best job in the world’ to pursue a surprising passion

David Stone
Dr David Stone believes true science is perfectly consistent with the Bible.

It is not every day you meet a man with such an impressive list of credentials and a passion for electromagnetics, laser physics, and engineering design.

Dr David Stone served 20 years on research assignments for the United States Air Force and acted as Chairman for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Michigan Technological University.

And why did he choose his special field?

"Laser devices and the propagation of laser beams are wonderful applications of electromagnetic theory," David told

"I had the best job that exists on this planet—I was a tenured professor doing exactly the type of research and teaching that I loved best."

Yet with much more still to give at age 50, David got his family's finances together and left the profession for good.

It was time to pursue something that had been in the making since his teenage years.

While he had been a church-goer from a young age, David remembers it took many years to understand what it meant to be a true Christian.

"I trusted that some combination of canned prayers, active service and avoidance of 'big' sins would earn me a berth in heaven. I didn't realise that all sins are 'big' enough to earn hell" (see James 2:10), he told in his online testimony.

There were two forces working against him: his dad was a skeptic who "took delight in pointing out inconsistencies in church teaching", and he was surrounded with the culture of evolutionism.

"Everything I was exposed to in literature and the media that touched the subject of origins was evolutionary," David says.

"I didn't know then that I'd been sold a 'story', but that all the scientific evidence pointed overwhelmingly to biblical creation, as recorded in Genesis."

It did not help that a senior church leader was unable to answer his stock of questions when he worked up the courage to ask at age 13.

"That unsatisfying meeting confirmed my decision to be an atheist. Who needed God?" he recalls.

"I was a miserable atheist for the next three years. What point is there to life if we are just animals and death means the end of it all? At the depths of my depression, though, God had mercy on me and sent me a friend who was a Christian."

This friend embraced David and answered his arrogant questions with kindness and he began to notice a love of Jesus in his life and a purpose lacking in his.

A high energy pulsed laser doesn’t happen by chance"It took me about four months to realise that the Bible is absolutely true – scientifically, logically, historically, prophetically... and above all, personally," David shares.

At that point it became clear to David that he had done wrong things in his life that had offended God and he was in need of a Saviour.

"It's not enough to 'know' the truth. I had to repent (turn away from wrongdoing), trusting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour ... I was born again (spiritually) and haven't been the same since."

At first he was not sure how to reconcile evolution with his new faith but began to study the subject over the next few years and realised there were many fatal weaknesses in arguments for evolution.

"Finally I concluded that true science is perfectly consistent with the Bible. I could accept the truth of Genesis – most notably a six-day creation and a literal worldwide flood – without compromise," he shares.

David also denies any conflict between his faith and his scientific work.

"My work in statistical physics and engineering design connects with the question of the origin of the nano-machines of life," he begins.

"I'll state categorically that it is impossible for any protein, not to mention the larger structures inside the cell or the cell itself, to arise by undirected chemical processes."

He points out the painstaking process required to design even simple functioning electrical systems and explains that even his brightest engineering students learnt this lesson the hard way.

"Anyone proposing a design approach equivalent to mutations, natural selection, and infinite time would be laughed at," he says.

He finds further evidence against evolution in his own area of specialty.

"Laser technology is the designed application of God's physical laws. A powerful, narrowband, high energy pulsed laser doesn't happen by chance. How much more the nano-technology of life? Evolution is an anti-scientific fable intended to avoid accountability to God."

David also compiled a list of reasons for believing that science is not the enemy of the Bible, which can be found on his page at

Today David, along with his wife Bonnie, has dedicated his time to church planting and sharing this urgent message: "The Lord is coming back. What are you doing with your life?"

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