By Karl Faase

Running late

running late

Lateness seems to be endemic in our society.

Apparently 70 percent of people regularly use SMS their friends to tell them they will be late. This is now so common that some phones have a template in their memory so you only have to fill in the blanks. "I am late," it begins. "I will be there at..."

I heard of someone recently who planned to sort out a relationship with his brother that had been strained for years. Tragically his brother died suddenly and now he is racked with remorse for the loss of his brother and that so much was left unsaid.

We all think we can 'do it later'.

You may not have the time you think you have. I encourage you not to run late in the area of relationships. Work them out now, both with those you love and with God.

You won't be given a second chance.

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