By Colin Lane

Who’s pulling the strings?


The large oval across the road from my house is a great place for flying kites – or it should be. Kite-flying is a skill I have never been able to master (one among many, I might add). I have trouble launching the kite into the air and even more trouble getting it to stay there. For me, flying a kite involves lots of running, winding, more running, more winding and, eventually, lost temper and a trudge home.

So, I admire good kite-flyers and love to sit and watch them manoeuvre their kites through the air, catching the wind and dipping and diving on air currents. Kites come in different shapes, sizes and designs, but in the hands of someone with skill, they take off, hovering and flying with graceful ease.

While I was watching a kite recently, I thought of it as a metaphor for life. One minute we can be soaring – flying through life with the wind in our sails. Success, great relationships, or a sense of peace – whatever it is, we seem to be up there, with life going great.

But it doesn't take much for it all to come crashing down to earth. Whether sits sickness or loss, harsh words or just a run of misfortune, *we can come crashing down. Then, once we've hit the bottom, we have *to pick ourselves up and start all over again, aiming to once again catch *the breeze and rise.

This was certainly the pattern of my life. I'd be cruising along until I did something stupid, made a bad choice, or just suffered some misfortune – and I'd be brought back to earth with a painful thud.

Then I placed my life in the hands of a skilled 'kite-flyer' – God. With God pulling the strings, I've had fewer crashes. I feel as if my life is propped up by a divine wind that keeps me flying. Sure, I take a dip and a dive occasionally, but something pulls me back up without having to endure a painful crash.

This summer, as you see kites flying in the air, think about who's pulling the strings of your life. Is it you? If so, do you keep falling and crashing?

Let go; give your life over to God and, with your life in the hands of a skilled kite-controller, you'll fly higher than you ever have before.

Article Courtesy of WarCry Magazine

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