by Karl Faase


soccer player

In Australia, we worship sporting heroes. One even acquired the nickname 'God'.

Their profiles are used by the media and advertising industry to sell all sorts of products and promote almost any cause or project. They are lauded by the media at every turn. Yet often these same sporting heroes fail their adoring fans. They behave badly and are caught out. It seems that ultimately they are just like everyone else, ordinary humans who fail.

In several recent cases the response to the bad behaviour has been amazing. "Is it any wonder this happens?" people ask. "We put expectations on these people beyond what they can ever deliver, and yet can't understand when they disappoint us."

What we need is someone to look up to who will never fail us and who will be a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. For me, that's Jesus. While all human heroes will eventually let us down, Jesus can be trusted always

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