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Japanese ‘squid’ calls for evolution rewrite

belemnite fossils
The hard fossilized remains of belemnites.

Fossil belemnites found in Japan mean previous ideas about belemnite evolution need to be changed. Belemnites are extinct squid-like animals that leave a hard, bullet-shaped fossil 'shell', called a guard.

What a belemnite is thought to have looked like.

The researchers in Japan say their discoveries mean that belemnites originated 33 million years earlier than previously thought (according to their evolutionary assumptions) and that the animal did not evolve in northern Europe, but in Asia.

Once again we see that evolution is insulated from the evidence. No matter what is found, evolution is the explanation. The story changes to absorb the new data.

Creationist geologists interpret these creatures as being buried during Noah's Flood, as the waters were rising to inundate the earth. The order of the fossils is not the order of evolution. Rather it's the order in which the different animals were overwhelmed during this biblical global catastrophe.?

Belemnites originated in the Triassic—A new look at an old group, Geology 40(10):911–914, 2012.

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