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Recycle Right app

Recycle Right

Want to do the right thing by the environment but a bit confused about what can be recycled and how? Can batteries or plastic bags be recycled? What do you do with your old toaster or nearly-empty paint tins?

Well, the free Recycle Right app, available on iOS and Android, is a great app to find out the recycling rules in your own municipality and to give you specific guidelines about what to do with your junk.

Find out the dates of your next green waste or junk collection, under the information from your council with the "Which Bin?" feature; which also tells you exactly what is allowed in your recycling bin.

With the "Find my Nearest" icon you can locate your closest charity shop, electrical or car disposal facility, battery recycling centre, and other useful spots.

Click "Leftover Recipes" for what to do with your leftover food, instead of adding to the 4 million tonnes of food waste generated in Australia each year. For instance, turn leftover roast chicken into soup or pilaf, or turn over-ripe bananas into bread or muffins.

Under "Handy Tips", find out how to create a worm farm or compost, reduce packaging and junk mail, opt out of the Yellow Pages, and what all those strange plastic symbols mean.

Under "A-Z Materials" you can find any item in the alphabetized list and discover the most responsible way of discarding of it.

Did you know cockroach baits should be disposed of as hazardous waste, or that you can put wire hangers in the recycling?

Finally, use the "Take Part" icon to find out how to tour a waste recycling facility, participate in Clean Up Australia or Composting Awareness Week, and what a Garage Sale Trail is.

Let's be good managers of all we have been given, even those things we no longer want, and learn how to Recycle Right.

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