By Joyce Starr Macias

Smartphone salvation

smart phone

I did a really stupid thing the other day. My son-in-law and I had been texting back and forth, so I put my smartphone on top of the car while I filled up with petrol. When the tank was full, I hurriedly got back into the car and drove off – forgetting that I hadn't retrieved my phone.

Preoccupied with thoughts, I drove all the way home without noticing that my phone was missing. Since our house is off the beaten track, we don't usually see many strangers. But that day as I checked in my rear view mirror, I noticed a car I didn't recognise right behind me. It stayed behind me all the way to the house, then the driver pulled into our driveway, stopped and got out.

"Your phone fell off your car. I followed you so I could give it back," he said, handing me my phone. The phone was scuffed and the cover had popped off.

"Oh no" I groaned, suddenly remembering what I'd done. It didn't appear my phone could be salvaged.

I tried turning it on but the screen was dark and unresponsive.

"I guess it's done for," I said sadly.

"Maybe not," the man answered as he retrieved the phone, deftly opened the back, pushed the battery into place and snapped it back together again.

A quick press of the 'on' button, and the light turned green. Everything seemed to be working normally.

Despite the way I had treated my phone, it was a little worse for wear, with nothing more than a small dent at the top and a couple of scratches.

As I mentally reviewed the morning's events, it seemed to me that the smartphone episode was a wonderful illustration of God's grace.

My phone had been slammed around and bore signs of damage, much the same way as trials and tribulations shatter and scar people's lives.

But God is in the business of healing messed-up people, picking up the shattered pieces and, by His undeserved kindness, restores broken lives.

We can be salvaged, just as my benefactor had rescued my phone and put it back together.

Though we may bear some scars from our experiences, God gives us another chance to be like new.

If we are willing, the Bible tells us that 'out of sheer generosity God puts us in right standing with Himself... [getting] out of the mess we're in' (see Romans 3:23).

Article courtesy of Warcry Magazine

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