with Karl Faase

Extreme makeover

plastic surgeon

It is a sad irony that Olivia Goldsmith, author of the book The First Wives Club that championed the cause of spurned older women, died on the operating table during a face lift operation. Ms Goldsmith died trying to hold onto the dream of youthful looks.

This comes at a time when television networks are multiplying various forms of makeover reality shows.

As one newspaper report said, "Be all you can be is Extreme Makeover's motto as yearning women with low self-esteem have their fat vacuumed, their noses broken, their faces skinned, their chins implanted, and their teeth filed".

The new you, however, will be found not by having surgery on your body, but on your heart.

God wants to give you a fresh start, to renew your heart and your mind, not your body. To free you from the pain of the past and give you hope for the future. Don't be sold on external change when it's internal renewal that will make all the difference.

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