How safe is your soul?

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Here's a quick test to see how safety-conscious you really are...

Do you buckle your seatbelt up every time you get into your car?

Do you check the use-by date on meat and other food products before you consume them?

Do you hire a qualified electrician when you need to change a light fitting rather than attempt it yourself?

Are you cautious not to dive into water before testing how deep it is?

Do you look both ways before crossing the road?

These are simple questions among dozens of others that could be asked to confirm how safety-conscious you are. While some might be seen as a bit reckless in a few areas, I am sure we can all agree that to some extent we value our safety and follow the set-out rules, regulations and guidelines of governing bodies that will ensure we do not endanger ourselves and others.

While safety is in the back of our minds as we live daily, many have never even considered the safety of their souls.

Even if we live by the rules and "bubble-wrap" ourselves to the world around us, one thing is inevitable no matter how safely you try to live: death. And what then?

Many believe nothing awaits them after they are buried six feet under and others hold to the vague hope that they will end up in heaven or some other good place. Despite this, many have never thoughtfully considered their death at all. And we all know that it can be sudden. Here one day and gone the next.

Jesus put it plainly when He said, "If anyone wants to keep his own life safe, he will lose it. If anyone gives up his life because of Me and because of the Good News, he will save it. For what does a man have if he gains all the world and loses his own soul? What can a man give to buy back his soul? Whoever is ashamed of Me and My Words among the sinful people of this day, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when He comes in the shining-greatness of His Father and His holy angels (see Mark 8:35-38)."

Basically, Jesus spells out that our safety on this earth is worth nothing compared to that of our soul. If our soul is eternal, life on this earth is less than a drop in the ocean.

Although we should be concerned over our safety now, we should be more concerned about the safety of our eternal souls.

Even if you are doubtful of the existence of God, heaven and hell and an eternal soul, famous philosopher, mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal argued that it is in one's own best interest to behave as if God exists, since the possibility of eternal punishment in hell outweighs any advantage in believing otherwise.

This is not advocating a "blind faith" but is an encouragement to search for the truth, to examine all angles, to keep an open mind to God and to not let it rest until you have found answers.

In the Bible God spoke to the prophet Jeremiah saying: "You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart (See Jeremiah 29:13)."

If today is unknowingly your last day on earth wouldn't you like to know for sure your soul is safe for eternity? Jesus Christ is the only one who can offer you certainty of salvation. Read the Bible's Gospel books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to see what He has to say about your soul's safety.

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