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Password manager app


How do you remember your passwords? Some people write them in an address book, make an Excel spreadsheet on the computer or use the same password for everything.

A far safer and more streamlined way to keep all of your passwords secret yet accessible is to use a password manager app. This also has the advantage of being able to generate unique passwords and remember them all, so that all you have to remember is one strong, long master password to access your vault.

There are many good options out there, some of the best include 1Password ($3/month for individuals, $5/month for families)), Lastpass ($12/year for premium access), opensource option Keepass (free) and Dashlane ($42.57/year for premium access). Each have much to recommend them, depending on how much you want to spend and whether you are happy with your "vault" of passwords being stored by their website or not.

However, based on all points of comparison, Safeincloud is the one we recommend. At only $7.99 for the app with free download on PC and Mac and no monthly fees, it is great value for money. The interface is clean and intuitive, highly customisable, and the same across all platforms. It allows for password generation and even lets you choose to make them memorable; it tells you when your passwords are too weak and reminds you when your credit cards will expire; you can allow fingerprint unlocking; it has multiple templates to make inputting credit card details etc. easier; it allows you to add images and tags, star favourites, change colours and rearrange in different groups, for example business, personal, shared etc. It also has a search function to easily find things and a recycle bin. All your information is encrypted with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which is the industry standard; and you can get the app to autofill your info on forms and websites, avoiding hours of annoyance. It does not store your information itself but allows you to share between your devices via Dropbox or Google Drive etc., effectively giving you two-step authentification.

In choosing a password manager app remember, it is a balancing act between security and convenience. The most secure options will not be as convenient, and vice versa. But in the end the tech experts agree that any app option is better than a paper alternative.

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