By Susie Kearley

Jesus said: ‘I am the Truth’

the truth

No-one denies that truth is important and no one wants to be deceived. We all know the consequences of untruths, whether it's adulterous partners, dodgy salesmen, email scams or paedophiles posing as teenage friends on social media.

And our appetite for the truth has never been greater. For example, we want truthful politicians and honest reporting, but it can be hard to separate the facts from spin or bias. How do you know whose word to trust, when all parties have their own agenda?

People were no different in Jesus' time, so when He said "I am the Truth"* it immediately got attention. He wasn't just saying "I'm telling the truth" – He was claiming to BE the truth. How can anyone BE the truth?

People have different opinions: their version of 'the truth' is based on their perspective of reality. But when Jesus said "I am the Truth" He meant "I am God: the ultimate reality". God is eternal, all-knowing, and the answer to all the big questions. He IS the truth.

Only through Jesus Christ can the truth about God be truly revealed to us, because He came to earth to show us God – to show us himself. When you start to know God, the big truths, and the purpose of life itself, become clearer.

This is difficult to grasp, and in Biblical times they weren't sure what to think either. Some objected to Jesus' claims, and said He was being blasphemous. Yet over the two thousand years since He said it, the truth has been proven in people's experience of knowing Christ. When they've put their trust in Him, they've found the truth they were seeking.

So if you're confused, but keen to discover the truth about life itself, you don't have to look any further than Jesus. Find out more about what Jesus said for yourself. Then start believing Him.

He never lies.?

*Find it in the Bible: John chapter 14 verse 6

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