with Karl Faase

People in prayer

praying hands

Surveys of average Australians show that around 30 to 40 percent of us pray regularly. This may surprise you, but it is true. Lots of people pray. For many prayer is the last resort. "I have tried everything else, I might as well pray." If you regularly pray let me encourage you.

Firstly, be consistent. Don't pray only when you are in trouble. Constantly seek God in all areas of your life for wisdom and direction.

Secondly, be persistent. Don't give up because your prayer is not answered the first time, stay at it. Continue to bring your concerns to God.

And thirdly, be resistant. Some people pray, then become bitter because God hasn't answered they way they want. Resist becoming bitter and angry because God doesn't give you what you want. God is not a celestial slot machine that pumps out answers to prayer because we ask. God may have something even better in mind for you.

Do you pray? Then keep at it and be consistent, persistent, and resistant.

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