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Stocard rewards/loyalty card app

Stocard app

Is your wallet or purse crammed with loyalty cards? Have you forgotten which ones you have and hardly ever use them because you can't find them when you need them? Do you forget the points or special offers associated with a particular card?

Well, the Stocard app, available free in the iTunes or Google Play store is just the organisational tool you need.

Simply load each card onto the app by scanning its barcode (with a barcode scanner app) or manually enter the number (if you don't have a scanner or camera). Each card is then displayed clearly and accessibly as soon as you open the app.

When paying at the till, you simply open the app, choose the card you want and scan your phone like you would a card.

That way your wallet is less bulky and your cards are all manageable and with you at all times. Your key chain could also be lighter if you use Stocard instead of those annoying little barcode tags that you might have for the gym or the video store etc.

You can even use Stocard for your library card or aeroplane boarding pass!

And it is especially useful for hotel or aeroplane loyalty cards which are seldom used and you may not want to carry everywhere with you.

The app also keeps you abreast of the special offers and catalogues associated with your cards so that you can get the best deals. (But you can also turn that feature off.)

It allows you to take and save photos of your cards, and associate notes with them too. (Maybe a note about where you put the actual card should you need it?) If the card is not one of the dozens of cards whose icon is already on the app, you can take your own photo of the logo or add your own icon.

The app also allows you to backup all your info to the cloud so that it is saved for when you change devices.

Stocard is a really simple app that performs its function efficiently, works smoothly and is uncluttered by annoying adverts.

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