with Karl Faase

The necessities of life


In 2006, the Pew Research Centre in the USA did a report on what people said was a necessity of life. Not just nice to own or important, but a necessity. The following is a selection from the report:

? Car 90%

? Home air-conditioning 70%

? Mobile phone 49%

? Cable television 33%

? High-speed internet 29%

? Flat screen television 5%

If you think that those who said flat screen television must be mad, keep in mind that 29% said that a high-speed internet connection was a necessity, even though it had not even been invented ten years previously.

Until recently in my home, we didn't have a dishwasher and people reacted like we lived in a third world country! Surely necessities aren't about technology. They are about relationships. The things we can't do without really should be a list of people and attitudes, not gadgets and merchandise.

A life of faith also ought to be found on Pew's list, but I doubt that will ever occur!

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