Clarity follows Kelsie’s confusion

Dirk and Kelsie Faas
Dirk and Kelsie Faas have been married for 48 years and have been Christians for nearly as long.

Kelsie Faas was married at the young age of 20, and realised that she needed all the help she could get to have a successful marriage.

She was convinced that the help she needed was to come from God but she was not sure how that was going to happen.

"As I grew up I attended church on occasions with my mother, who was a strong Christian," says Kelsie. "However, when I got married and moved away from home, I didn't know where to go to church.

"Then one day two Jehovah Witnesses knocked on my door offering to teach me the Bible. I thought that was great and accepted their offer."

Kelsie studied with them for a year and found herself thoroughly confused as to what she should believe. She realised that what they were teaching was different to what Christians believed. But she was determined to continue doing the study until she knew if they were right or wrong.

"I realised that Jehovah Witnesses suffered a lot of persecution from others because of what they believed, so I assumed they must be real Christians. So I kept praying to God to show me the truth," she explains.

"Then one night when my husband was out, I was reading one of the Jehovah Witness magazines, which stated that Jesus was the same as the archangel Michael."

This raised some concerns for Kelsie and she was moved to pray to ask God to show her the truth once again.

"I decided to ring to ask one of the Jehovah Witness ladies who visited me to ask why they believe this. As I walked towards the phone the front doorbell rang and so I answered the door instead."

Kelsie was greeted by the local minister who lived down the road. He had heard that Kelsie had been visited by Jehovah Witnesses and wanted to have a chat with her about their visits.

"I gladly welcomed him in and shared with him my confusion over their teaching in believing Jesus to be the same as Michael the archangel," Kelsie acknowledges.

"He said, 'Let's look up the Bible,' and he turned to the first chapter of the book of Hebrews in the New Testament, and verse 4 which says; '...having become much superior to angels as the name he has inherited is more excellent than theirs.'"

Jesus made
a way for
us to come
back to God
With the answer to that question settled in her mind Kelsie then asked the minister; "What are Christians supposed to believe in?"

Then the pastor whose name was Geoff pulled out of his pocket a little booklet called the Four Spiritual Laws and began to go through it with Kelsie. The book presents four spiritual laws as follows:

Law 1: God loves you and has a plan for your life.

Law 2: We can't know that plan because we are separated from God because of our sins.

Law 3: Jesus made a way for us to come back to God by dying on the cross in our place to take the punishment for our sins.

Law 4: We come back to God by asking for forgiveness for our sin and inviting Jesus to come into our heart.

"That truth was so beautiful and simple to me that I asked Jesus to come into my heart straight away," says Kelsie. Geoff then explained to me that to follow Jesus I needed to read my Bible and pray on a daily basis. He also explained that I needed to find and attend a church that was true to God's Word. Since his church was just down the road, and he was the minister God had sent to me to help me, I started attending his church.

"That was 47 years ago and I am still going to church and reading my Bible and praying on a daily basis. I can say that God has been very good to me over the years and I'm still very happy to be a Christian," Kelsie concludes.

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