The greatest thing is love

Marriages need daily refuel of love, says reconciled couple

Weyman and Susan Howard
“Saying, ‘I’m empty of love for my spouse, I need a new spouse’ is like saying when your car runs out of fuel, ‘Oh, I need a new car’. Is that what you do?” Weyman Howard, together with his wife Susan, challenges.

What defines a Christian? Is it how much they go to church, how many Bible verses they have memorised or how "good" they are morally? The Bible says that it is their love for others that will set Christians apart as followers of God.

Weyman and Susan Howard grew up in church but never learnt how to receive God's love or how to share it with others, and as a result their lives were busy and religious, filled with good intentions but with no power to overcome life's great troubles or their own selfishness.

Then, in the midst of their pain and brokenness, at a time where everything had fallen apart and they were facing divorce, Jesus challenged them to follow Him. They felt Jesus was saying to them in a still, small voice, "If you will follow me and my guidance of love, I will do what you can't do."

They chose to receive God's unfailing love and, in obedience to Him, to love each other with that same love, which empowered them to confront their broken and sinful lives, and discover the miraculous power of Christ to heal and restore them.

"Each day our pain, our disappointment, our unhealed hurt, our wounding; those are the things that want to author the stories of our lives," Susan says.

"But Jesus challenged us to let His love write our stories. Miraculous life came not through magic but through the practice of receiving and giving God's unfailing love."

Love gave them the courage to face adultery, betrayal, sexual abuse, pornography and even the rejection of the church. When no one stood beside them with a word of hope, the Heavenly Father tenderly met them and called them to Himself.

Through their experiences, Weyman and Susan founded and created a seminar called LoveWorks and wrote a course called InnerRevelation*>OuterRevolution, which teach others that the primary goal of Christianity is to love God and to love others.

“The only
source of
love is God”
Why Love? Jesus said: "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. (John chapter 13 verse 34-35).

"Love is not an option," Weyman explains. "Love is not based on our feelings. We are commanded to love. God wants the living reality of His presence and love flowing through us."

But you have to receive that love in order to give it, he continues.

"Saying, 'I'm empty of love for my spouse, I need a new spouse' is like saying when your car runs out of fuel, 'Oh, I need a new car'. Is that what you do?" he challenges.

"You will get empty of love over and over again. It doesn't mean anything is wrong with you, it just means you need to go and be filled up again. And the only source of love is God. Jesus shows us the pattern 'As I love you, go and love one another.' Where do we go? Back to Jesus. He is the source of the love we need.

"Too often in a relationship we are going to an individual, trying to get filled up by them and they're not co-operating. They are not able to give us what we need," he says.

Susan posted recently on Facebook that "The Kingdom of God is not about fearful living or hateful living, it is about bringing the love of God into the darkness so that Christ shines brightly! ... Teach [your families] to stand with confidence, with peace, with compassion and mercy, offering love because that is what Christ has done for us and then He commanded that we follow Him."

Weyman and Susan have four children and now travel the world teaching the lessons about the incredible, undeserved love of God for each person, and the purpose and value they can find in knowing Him.

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