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Wish shopping App

Wish shopping App

Christmas will be upon us very shortly, so how about an app that makes it possible to do all your gift shopping without leaving the comfort of your armchair?

Wish shopping app allows you to choose any of thousands of gifts, most heavily discounted, and have them delivered to your door.

You can get everything from clothes and shoes, jewellery and art items, to homewares, nifty gadgets, bags and wallets, and make up.

They also have lots of baby products and toys, and there are many items for crafters, gardeners and hairdressers.

Conveniently, you can shop at any time, so you can use your commute or your hours of insomnia to productively get through your Christmas list. (Be warned however there is a great danger of finding more items for yourself than for anybody else!)

Many of the products are things you won’t see in the shops. There are also branded items from retailers like Fitbit, Redken and Sony.

Each day there is also the opportunity to “Spin and Win” and get an extra discount off items or save with flash deals. Some products are even free and all you have to pay is postage.

The app, which has more than 150 million users, notes your preferences and over time will show you more of the things you are interested in.

Products on the site are very well described and usually feature several photographs. Many items give you a choice of colour and/or size. There is also an easy return policy.

The products this writer has ordered have all arrived safely and mostly ahead of the estimated delivery time. They have been exactly as described and she has yet to be disappointed.

In fact, why wait until Christmas, get presents all year round with Wish!

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